The SAP promise: Run Governments. Simple And Progressive.

Over the last 10 years I have been working with Governments in Germany, China and across South East Asia. With one objective: Improving people’s lives through technology. One could say that I should have chosen a job as an aid worker if I really wanted to make a difference. And – yes – that is true. There are many organizations that dedicate their resources on providing support to do exactly that. Think of the many NGO’s out there that despite many budget constraints are trying to help people in need. And whilst I know that without them, millions of people would be left behind I chose to tackle the root cause by joining a technology company in the private sector.  Say what? What does that mean you may ask. Let me elaborate.

Governments across the world have one strategic mission: Provide. Protect. Prosper.

The challenges governments face whilst trying to fulfill their mission are numerous. Economic shocks, demographic shifts, shrinking budgets, disasters and new forms of threats to their nation to just name a few. So the question to be asked is: What prevents governments today from fulfilling their mission? The answer is simple: Complexity.  Complexity is the major root cause for most non- budget constrained companies to achieve their growth targets. In 2008 SAP acknowledged that its complexity will prevent SAP from achieving their growth objectives and embarked on a journey that we now call Digital Transformation. The objective was to become more agile and responsive towards our customers’ needs whilst at the same time being able to tackle market challenges like competition, constantly new technology trends and changing customer demand. With its existing landscape SAP would never be able to gain actionable insights in real-time in order to take decisions on the spot.

Now what does that have to do with governments? Everything.

Whilst many governments in South East Asia acknowledge that Digital Transformation is an imperative, most governments face a scattered landscape of outdated technology, old policies and complex business processes developed more than 20 years ago.  Whilst companies like SAP have the resources to re-new their technology, re-think their business processes and allocate budgets for extensive research whilst still running the company, governments have to remain stable and can not allow any disruption (under no circumstances) to their core business: Running the country. That makes the embarkation on a transformation journey multiple times more difficult. With SAP’s 44 years of experience in the Public Sector we decided to become the helping hand and strategic partner for governments to support their journey not just by providing technology but also providing industry standards, transformation experience and deep knowledge of governments core business processes.

In 2014 SAP launched the Digital Business Framework that helped customers to navigate their transformation journey and since then we have continued to improve and tailor it for governments around the world. The Framework is designed to help navigate governments through the vast of technology products out there along the four most critical dimensions that governments are looking at when running the country. I will attempt to walk through each dimension whilst providing insights on where digitization will create value through simplification, digitization and where possible standardization.


The Digital Government Framework:

The Framework looks at four critical dimensions that governments look at when running a country. It takes the perspective of the Prime Minister’s Office (or any equivalent) and is a  reflection of different data streams that are glued together by a digital core to enable informed decision making in real-time.

It is the future status of a true digital government organization enabled through SAP Technology. With latest technology it is now possible bridge the gap between transactional data retrieved from business processes and intelligence retrieved from various data sources across government agencies.

With my blog I hope to not just provide guidance, but to inspire and provoke thought process for you and your organization. Join the discussion about Digital Transformation. Because at the end of the day it is not just about having a digital strategy. It is about navigating through and increasingly digital economy. Together.

All with one purpose – to fight complexity – improving people’s lives through technology. Because governments that run Simple And Progressive can focus on their core mission: Provide. Protect. Prosper.



















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